Friday, November 16, 2012

Kids, Birding, and Spotting Scopes

The other day I loaded up the wife and kids in the family wagon to take them to see the house my dad and I were just about finished building for a client. As we pulled up to the house a certain force compelled me to photograph the scene. Can you see why? Any true birder must instantly see what I am talking about. If not, I hereby sentence you to a month of of birding.

"All right kids. Stay quiet while I get the spotting scope out so I can show you this awesome bird up on top of the house."

Shockingly, they remained calm and collected, yet eager to see an awesome bird of prey. Slow and easy I retrieved and set up the scope and had the kids come out the side of the car away from the house. Quietly they waited in line for their turn to peer through the scope. I attribute their line-waiting ability to their public school education in which they spend about half the day in line for one thing or another.

Spotting scopes are super cool for kids and I've never had a kid nor a parent turn me down when I offer them a chance to look through one.
Anne (10), Kyle (11), Victoria (8), and Claire (5) waiting their turn to see...
This young Red-tailed Hawk seemed happy to observe us observing it. After a while it got bored with us, promptly raised its rear and shot out a six foot long squirt of white liquid pooh and then nonchalantly soared over to a nearby bitter brush snag.

"Did you see it poop?! That was awesome!" exclaimed the kids. My work as nature-dad was done. 

The only other thing I could do to impress these kids that night was to let them ride in the elevator we installed in this new home.


  1. Well fathered sir!

    This is a great line: "If not, I hereby sentence you to a month of of birding." I'm going to steal and use it often, with full citation and due crediting of course.

  2. That is both cool and soooo funny!

  3. I take my 2 and a half year old daughter out often. We're going to look for rosy finches tomorrow. Here she is looking for Burrowing Owls.

  4. Yay! Good Dad! You are raising those kids right! I'm trying my best to influence my grandkids now. Hey, I have a question. what kind of scope is that? Gus wants to buy me a scope but I know NOTHING about them. I am going to read the products you have reviewed right now. You can answer here or email me if you want to. P.S. nice to see a post from you for a change!

    1. Robert, thanks for your prompt response! Great info!