Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New NatGeo Birding App for Birders!

Press Release from the National Geographic Society:

"Starting Thursday, November 29th, National Geographic Birds: Field Guide to North America will be available in the App Store for iPhone users at the price of $9.99. Just in time for the holidays, National Geographic is thrilled to debut the new app that will make the perfect gift for bird enthusiasts.

 The app, the most comprehensive of its kind, will feature 955 species as well as over 700 bird songs and calls. Based on National Geographic's best-selling birding book, Field Guide to the Birds of North America, 6th edition, the feature-rich app includes illustrations, detailed species information, extensive search functions, and similar species comparisons. Birders of all levels will appreciate the list-making and note-taking features, as well as the games designed to test their bird identification skills. The "My Journal" section allows users to track their sightings and share them with friends, family, and fellow birders. The illustrations, done by the North America’s finest bird illustrators, offer an in-depth look at every species with on-screen annotations to assist in quick and accurate identifications. In addition, an expansive library of bird songs and calls from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology provides yet another tool for positively identifying birds—anywhere from your backyard to the most remote backwoods."

Here are some sample screen shots:

You can look forward to a review of this app in the very near future from For more information about birding apps, please visit our Birding App page.

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