Thursday, November 15, 2012

Evening Grosbeaks Movement in 2012

ABA Bird of the YearAs the ABA Bird of the Year Coordinator, I cannot be more excited than I am right now about the current movement of Evening Grosbeaks. I've received notifications from folks telling me that they are seeing them in places they have not been seen in 30 or more years! I think all the positive energy of ABA birders concentrating on this awesome bird this year has somehow invoked the powers of the universe to bestow them upon us more abundantly.

Out of curiosity I have been checking in on the eBird data and the results are conclusive and impressive. Check out the maps and frequency charts below.
2011 August through December Evening Grosbeak sightings.
2012 August through Nov 15th - Evening Grosbeak sightings. Significant deeper entry into the Southwest, Midwest, Northeast, East Coast, even starting to enter into Southern states.
2011 Frequency of checklists reporting Evening Grosbeaks - Pay attention to October and November when you compare it to the 2012 Frequency Graph below...
While May-June sightings were slightly less frequent in 2012, take a look at September through today. Awesome!

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