Monday, November 26, 2012

more Birding App Survey Results

When we asked which apps birders use to "find" birds using eBird data, this is what we learned...
We also asked which apps birders use to learn bird sounds. Here are the most popular apps for learning calls and songs.
Then we asked which birding app features are most important to birders...
Finally, we asked which birding app features birders find the least important...
To wrap up these birding app surveys, the final question was, "What app features do you dream about having?" Here are a few of the responses...
  • Ability to quickly connect with birders nearby to alert them of birds in the immediate area that might be rare or uncommon 
  • The dream app would be one that can ID a bird by call 
  • 1) artificial intelligence for visual and audio identification 2) voice command to enter eBird checklists 
  • Illustrations of younger birds, molting birds, ducks in eclipse... basically, all the ways a species may look when it isn't an adult male in breeding plumage. 
  • recording a sound in the field and having the analyze it for similar sounds 
  • I dream of having an app that can id a bird purely by sound 
  • The ability to search and submit sightings to eBird, with bird songs, taxonomic lists of most common birds to the area, photos/drawings, and recorded calls.

What did you learn from these survey results? Anything seem interesting or surprising? Let us know in the comments.

Robert's take-aways:
  • I'm not surprised by Birdseye and Audubon Birds being the most used to find birds with eBird data. They both perform that function very well and accurately. 
  • I am surprised the Audubon Birds is the most used app to learn bird sounds. I think this due to the affordability of the app. Larkwire is probably the most intensive app specifically created for this purpose and an app I am very fond of, so I'm glad to see it getting noticed and used.
  • I'm not surprised that bird sounds are the most important app feature for birders as that and portability are the major features that make app more desirable in the field than paper field guides.
  • I am surprised that more birders want photograph in apps than illustrations. Interesting!
  • Not that much importance for the alphabetically list of birds. Funny. I use that all the time.
  • I also wonder if sharing digiscoped photos and connecting to social networks won't increase over time or if that utility is dead on arrival.
  • There seems to be a theme to the dream birding app features...ability to identify birds by the device recording or listening to the call. That would be pretty cool!
For more Birding App Survey information, please check out the page dedicated to that purpose.

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