Friday, October 9, 2009

Avimor Big Sit! Goals

The goal for tomorrow's Big Sit! is 28 species of birds. Other locations in the state and around the world will likely see much more. The record for a Big Stay (or Big Sit) is 139 set by world famous birder Pete Dunne. It was set in May as part of the World Series of Birding, not on the official 2nd Sunday in October which is the Big Sit! (You can read about this story in Birder's World magazine here.)

Given our foothills location, the season and the every-day-colder weather, 28 species will be a challenge. Today I counted 14 species on an early morning and a mid-day visit at the site of our Big Sit!. This week I have seen 24 total species at the site.

Going the through the Avimor Bird Guide, I tallied 10 species that we are "almost certain" to see. Another half dozen are "probable" with around 30 that I would consider "possible". Of course there are a hundred species that would be classified as "possible, but not likely". After seeing a Northern Shrike yesterday, I like our chances of attaining the lofty goal of 28 total species.

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