Saturday, October 31, 2009

Birding Laughs #3

When I lived in Mesa, Arizona, we weren't too far from Red Mountain and the Salt River and some great recreational areas. Granite Reef Recreation was just five minutes north of my home and a favorite spot for getting started in bird watching.

One Saturday morning I headed out as the sun rose. I was surprised to see a couple of vehicles in the parking lot already as I usually had the place to myself.

"Probably a couple of early riser fishermen" I supposed.

I headed up river on a little game trail, ducking under the overgrown thorny Mesquite trees, trying to avoid whipping myself in the face with salt brush. I heard some sound coming from the other side of a large bush just ahead of me. Perhaps it was an Abert's Towhee scratching at the ground. Very stealthily I crept around the bush to sneak up on it without spooking it.

As I rounded the bush, to my utter shock and dismay I had come upon two adult plumage-less homosapien bipeds mating canine style.

"Pardon me!" I squeaked out as I turned away from the scene before me.

As I scampered off as quickly as I was able, I could hear the attractive golden-crowned double-breasted hip-swinger complaining vociferously to the drab male about his choice of location for their little outdoor rendezvous.

I was embarrassed for them and for myself, though I'm still chuckling...nervously.

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