Friday, October 9, 2009

Book Review: The Idaho Bird Guide: what, where, when

Are you planning a birding trip in Idaho? Do you want to know the best places to see a particular species in Idaho? This is a must have guide book for every Idaho birder's road trip planning. Folks from out of state will enjoy Idaho's birding trails and most majestic scenery by following the directions it contains.

My favorite part of the book is in the back under Idaho Rarities and Specialties were great information is given about when and where to see specific species. This book is very intuitively put together. There are great maps, precise directions, and very helpful information about fuel, food, and lodging for each part of the great state of Idaho.

Looking at all the fantastic locations they discuss, I've only been birding at a few of them. I was surprised to find Jump Creek near Marsing in there. As a teenager my buddies and I would hike back in there pretty often. There is a cool waterfall just a little ways up the draw and a couple miles up the creek there is a natural water slide. Back then I wasn't into birding, so I'll have to go back with my new perspective. The poison-ivy is really bad there and the book even covers those kinds of important details.

This guide really makes me want to get out and cover more turf. With over 50 contributors, Dan Svingen and Kas Dumroese did a great job compiling and editing it into a very consistent book. Well done!

The Idaho Birding Trail website by the Fish & Game is quite similar (so much so that I wonder if the authors of The Idaho Bird Guide were not part of its development) and is also a good tool for birding road trip planning.


  1. You mentioned the water slides up above Jump Creek Falls. I was interested in more information about them, or possibly directions, or gps coordinates. Anything would help. The creek forks above the falls, and I'm not sure if I should go to the right of left fork...

  2. You know...I don't remember a fork in the creek. If I recall correctly there was still some high steep walls in the area where the slide was. The slide is made smooth by the green algae. Unfortunately it was half a life-tim ago. I just remember following the stream four a couple of hours.