Friday, October 30, 2009

Where have they been?

Last week I had a post about where my favorite spring and summer birds are now. Today I'm asking, where have my favorite winter birds been all summer. Here is what I've discovered:

White-crowned Sparrow - these cute sparrows can be found summering in Northern Idaho and Montana, but are more typically found in the cooler north of Canada and Alaska. They must like it cold!

Dark-eyed Junco - I have seen Juncos in the mountains during the summer in the areas near Idaho City, and will spend the summer in similar mountain and forested areas where the temperatures tend to be cooler. These guys do like Canada and Alaska's climate during the warmer months in the States.

Ruby-crowned Kinglets - while they are occasionaly seen around here during the summer, they too like the cooler mountain climates during the summer and are found across Alaska and Canada.

Red Crossbills - these pine seed eaters can actually be found from central Canada all they way into Central America year round. From my experience, they like the cooler mountain areas and are seen more frequently in the Treasure Valley during the winter. Cementeries with large spruce trees with lots of pine cones are great places to see Crossbills. Keep you eye out for Crossbills with white wing bars. Last year we had many winter sightings of White-winged Crossbills at Canyon Hill Cemetery in Caldwell.

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