Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Eagle Informer...bird feature

For those folks living in the 83616 zip code in Eagle, Idaho, you are likely familiar with the monthly mailer called the Eagle Informer. It's a nice little community news and calendar magazine. The editor has asked me to provide her with a featurette on birdwatching in the area. She was tipped-off to my birding passion by my event submittals for the Avimor Bird Walks and she discovered this birding blog.

This month's edition will have a little section I wrote up about some fun ways to attract wild birds to your backyard along with some tips about which birds you are likely to see at your feeder during the late fall and winter.

If you live outside of the 83616 zip code, you can pick up a copy of the Eagle Informer at Rembrandt's Coffee House on Eagle Rd. in downtown Eagle on October 31st. This month's cover will feature Idaho's State Bird, the Mountain Bluebird.

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