Thursday, October 1, 2009

Avimor Big Sit! - Strategy

I am pretty confident that I have selected a good site for the Avimor Big Sit! Here is my strategy:

Selecting the Site
1. Good long north and south views of the creek, preferably two branches of the creek which will form a funnel of birds.
2. Good views of the foothills watch for resident and migrating hawks.
3. An elevated view looking somewhat down into trees and shrubs is helpful.
4. Longest viewing window to “see” and “hear” as many birds as possible, knowing that we can leave the circle to identify the bird.
5. Because our Big Sit! will be in the morning, we’ll want the sun to our backs most of the time.
6. Near a restroom
7. Because I am inviting the public I chose a location close to street parking and easy to find, but the disadvantage is the closeness to highway 55 and the street noise. Also there will be a benefit concert starting at 1pm in the park, so I hope the set-up doesn't cause too much distraction.

1. For at least a week prior, bait the area with wild bird seed of various types.
2. Learn the song and call of all the birds that can possibly be in the area on that date.

During the Event
1. While it’s still dark we can play owl calls and see if we can get any to respond
2. Use list of birds that I know should respond to their own calls
3. Use Identification Patrols for birds seen or heard from the circle
4. Stay connected with 2-way radios
5. If a new bird is seen by the ID patrol, radio back to circle to see if they can see it too.

Any other advice is welcome! There is still room for more participation.

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