Sunday, November 29, 2009

Birding: How did you get your start?

I'm always curious about how other bird watchers got started in this strange hobby. If you're reading this, please tell us about your initiation into birding in the comments!

A while back I posted this about some of my early memories of a developing interest in birds.

The other day I was reading The Curious Birder blog where she was talking about collected old books. She had this picture in her post:
As soon as I saw this picture of a simple book, my nut cracked open and memories spilled out. I had this very book as a young boy! National Geographic's Young Explorer series, "Baby Birds and How They Grow." The inside cover features pictures of bird eggs and the book tells all about baby birds and different kinds of nests and how birds take care of their young. I called my Mom and Dad to ask how they came across the book. Mom tells me that she must have bought it from a door-to-door book salesman. I had to have this book. I found one online for $1 and bought it. It arrived yesterday in the mail. As I read it to my son this afternoon I recognized every photo in complete detail. Amazing how impressionable our young minds are!

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