Saturday, November 14, 2009

Winter Birding the Boise Area - Part I

The wonderful thing about birding is that seasonal changes bring bird changes which keeps my birding blood pumped with adrenaline. Starting about this time of year I give extra attention to ponds and lakes for returning waterfowl. Ducks, geese, and swans come to the Treasure Valley to spend the winter wherever there is open water that doesn't completely freeze over. Birders should also be on the lookout for Scooters and Loons which tend to pop in unexpectedly. These winter visitors can be some of the most beautiful one can see. Below are some of my favorites:
The photos are by Greg Gillson, the Pacific Northwest Backyard Birder. Check out his site for more great bird photography and follow his awesome birding blog too.

Tomorrow, I'll post my recommendations for some great winter birding locations around the Boise area where you are likely to see some of the above mentioned beauties. Stay tuned!

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