Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pete Dunne: Birder at Large

I have an evening part-time job that occasionally affords me some good readin' time. Having forgotten my usual novel or history book, I read all my favorite birding blogs until every recent update had been gleaned. I determined to delve deeper into the Birder's World magazine's online archives.
I've always enjoyed the articles by Pete Dunne in the section entitled "Birder at Large". Pete Dunne is not only one of the greatest birders of our time, he is a great writer. I hold him at the same level as I do David McCullough, James Michener, Patrick McManus, Ken Blanchard, and Jane Austen...just a different subject matter. There's just something about his story-telling style that appeals to me. Although a "celebrity birder", Pete's perpetual-new-birder-enthusiasm is contagious. He has a reverence for the history of birdwatching, both for the birds as well as the people that have lead us to where we are at today. You feel this when you read. He has a guileless passion for birding that inspires me and a hope for the future that gives me hope.

Kick back with me and relax into Pete Dunne's world for a few hours. You can read his Birder at Large articles here. Many of his columns are only available to subscribers of Birder's World, but I won't apologize for that, because his articles alone are worth the subscription price.

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