Friday, November 13, 2009

CJ Strike & Bruneau Sand Dunes

The Mortensen kids attend a year-round school and are currently on a three week track-break. During these breaks we try to get out and have some family adventures to keep the kids from destroying the house and each other. When planning these family adventures, I'll admit that I ask myself, "Where can I go birding where there is something fun for the kids to do?" I took the afternoon off yesterday and we made a fairly short cruise down to CJ Strike Reservoir and the Bruneau Sand Dunes.
I was was really hoping to see Scooters and Loons, but not seeing them and dealing with a little bit of kid-whining were the only disappointments of the day. We had a blast! I managed to see a few great birds including three Barrow's Goldeneye, lots of Buffleheads, and Idaho's State Bird the Mountain Bluebird.

Here are some family photos of our adventure I wanted to share...

Sure...Jessica and Claire are cute, but do you see that raft of ducks on Dune Lake in the background?

If I only had the energy of Kyle. He was up and down that dune a dozen times. I was terribly winded after only a short climb to the top.

I thought this was a cute wind-blown picture of Anne dumping sand out of her shoe. I also want her to remember this picture of her elementary school teeth, especially after I pay for braces.

Victoria was a bit terrified with the steepness and slipping of the sand. Using the bear-walk to go up and sliding on her bum to go down, she overcame her fear.

Just to prove I was there.

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