Tuesday, November 17, 2009

eBird Site Survey

eBird is taking another couple of steps to help citizen science contribute to the studies of full-time scientists. eBird is seeking birders who birdwatch at the same location(s) once a week or more. Do you fit that profile? Then please read more here and join the eBird Site Survey Team.

Red-tailed Hawk photo at Avimor's Spring Valley Creek by John Perry - 11/14/09

I have already signed myself up and my "Avimor - Spring Valley Creek - Greenbelt" location has already been confirmed by the eBird staff to be a part of the study. I bird this route almost every day on my walk to work. It has also been the location of many of our monthly Avimor Bird Walks. I have already submitted almost 100 checklists for this location alone. As time goes on, more and more patterns of bird activity will become apparent. I like knowing that my own birding fascination and hobby may also be able to contribute to science and the general understanding of bird distribution and migration.

Many birders believe strongly in conservation efforts. Financial contributions to such campaigns are important, and data about the status of birds is essential. You can donate to conservation by simply taking some time to log your bird sightings on eBird. Plus, eBird is a great free service that maintains your personal checklists and life lists in a very user friendly format.

I'm an eBirder! Are you?

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  1. I also read about this recently and am ready to sign up several sites. I'm also interested in the new County Birding eBird initiative (and county birding in general). Thanks for sharing it and promoting eBird!