Friday, November 20, 2009

Missing Mouring Doves?

Baby Mourning Doves Hidden in the Grasses
photo by Robert Mortensen taken at Avimor in Spring '09

Is it just me in my little pocket of the world that has seen far fewer Mourning Doves of late? I do see a couple of them on power lines or flying across the road when I drive down into the Boise valley, but up here in the foothills they seem to be gone right now. Earlier in the year they were very dominate at my feeders. Even in late summer I often saw them roosting on the bitterbrush, but since October there are very few.

My eBird data supports my impression that there is a decrease in Mourning Doves since September. Nationwide on eBird however there doesn't appear to be any decrease. I've never noticed a measureable decrease in Mourning Doves due to hunting season, but maybe more were taken this year. I wonder if disease has affected my local population.

UPDATE Sunday 11/22/09: I had a Mourning Dove at my platform feeder seed block this afternoon at 4:30 PM. Oh thank goodness they still exist!

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