Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from BiF!

All of us here at "Birding is Fun!" want to wish you and yours the most wonderful and happy Thanksgiving. During this season, we are grateful for the birds, for fellow birders, for cool technology like dSLR cameras, and for social media, like blogs, so we can share our passion with you. Thanks for coming back to BiF! day after day. We love you!

To help celebrate the day, a few of us want to share some Thanksgiving and Autumn themed photos with you:
Wild Turkey by Steve Creek
Robert Mortensen's Bountiful, Utah neighborhood Not-So-Wild Wild Turkey
Our family has named it "Peeping Tom" because it sometimes peeks in on us through the basement windows.
Dan Huber shares Wild Turkey's secondary feather.
Lillian Stokes has these Turkey's in her yard!
Ring-necked Pheasant by Mia McPherson
Wild Turkeys in Deltaville, Virginia. Photo by Robert Mortensen
Pat Bumstead reminds me that the Canadian Thanksgiving is in October - so a belated Happy Thanksgiving to you all up north, eh! Pat shares with us some Mountain Ash Berries below.
Wild Turkey's foraging in the Boise foothills. Photo by Robert Mortensen
A closer look at those iridescent feathers...

Kevin Doxstater shares that this time of year reminds him of his fantastic trip to Bosque Del Apache NWR and he hopes to make a return visit to see and photograph all the Sandhill Cranes and Snow Geese.
And finally this from regular BiF! bird photo contributor Paul Higgins:


  1. Happy and safe holiday to all :)


  2. Happy Thanksgiving you all~ Heres a video for you to enjoy on this day.

  3. @Dawn - Awesome video! Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Great photos! Happy Thanksgiving to all and thanks to Robert for putting BIF together.

  5. awesome stuff! Love the pheasant and the sandhill in flight. Sweet! Had some of those guys fly over me yesterday, kinda made me happy.