Friday, November 4, 2011

This Week's Best in Bird Blogging

White-crowned Sparrow - photographed at my newest lunch-hour birding patch, the Sandy Urban Fishery.
"Birding is Fun!" is delighted to welcome new monthly contributors to the team: Scott Simmons, Laurence Butler, and John C. Robinson. Check out their profiles on the right!

Winter birding is certainly starting in my neck of the woods. Wintering waterfowl are returning along with the Dark-eyed Juncos. I'm anxious for it to snow and bring my nemesis Snow Buntings back. I'm gonna find them this year!

*  Just to taunt me, Lillian Stokes posted this week about Snow Buntings, but she also posted about Robins and Ducks with some really nice photos.
*  Pat Bumstead is recruiting fellow Canadians to assist in Project Feeder Watch and the Canadian Snow Bunting Network at Bird Canada.
*  Holy Cowbird Kathie Brown!
*  Rob Fergus - Birding Shabbat 
*  Donald the Birder wonders Where did the time go? and shares some late warbler photography.
*  Mia McPherson lives the Scout Motto of "Be Prepared" as she captures a young Chukar and gets some nice images of a Common Raven.
*  Steve Creek has a lovely photo of a Double-crested Cormorant. If your like me, and you enjoy other wildlife photos besides birds too, check out his series on elk.
*  Feel Jeremy Medina's excitement of the Black-legged Kittiwake in Arizona as well as a nice post on fall birding hotspots in Southeastern Arizona.
*  Greg Gillson reminds us that Advanced Birding means learning the basics.
*  They may not be birds, but Kelly Riccetti has some cool photos of Milkweed Bugs!
*  Ken Schneider has Birds and Bobcats where he's been birding.
*  One of my favorite bird blog photo series this week has to be Scott Simmons' Frogs: It's Not Easy Being Green featuring frogs getting eaten by birds. Cool!
*  Bird Tongues are pretty cool too.  Thanks Laurence!
*  John Robinson has a cool blog with video segments sharing identification tips. Learn how to identify the Common Yellowthroat.

Aside from the fabulous BiF! Contributors there have been a couple other nice blogs that caught my attention this week:

*  Tim O'Connell's post at North American Birding about collecting window strike birds and using them for education is sure to get some attention.
*  Chris Petrak got some photos of a beautiful Leucistic American Robin.
*  Kerri Far always has daily photographs and quotes to brighten your day, like this Blue Jay.
*  Another of my favorite Utah bird photographers Ron Dudley has Barn Owls and Phragmites.
*  The always provocative Ted Lee Eubanks posts another controversial one at the ABA Blog about Birds without Birding and the comments are just as interesting.

Oh, and check out this cool video below! Hat-tip to Brenda on the Utah BirdTalk listserv for sharing it.



  1. Oh, thanks for all the links. What fun when I next sit quietly with a cup of coffee and a little extra time!! I watched the video just moments ago on another blog and was so totally amazed. I've never seen anything quite like that in person.

  2. ...thanks for posting the video...the starling's flight is art.

  3. Thanks for including my post in your list! All the other contributions are fantastic!

  4. Robert, what a cool idea. Thanks for including me on this list. As for the video, I had seen it posted on Facebook but could not resit watching it again. I cannot imagine witnessing something like that. It just takes my breath away!