Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hummingbird Fun!!!

Posted by Lillian Stokes

This is just for fun! This is a movie we made from our own footage of baby Violet-crowned Hummingbirds getting fed in their nest. We took the footage of this Violet-crowned Hummingbird nest in Portal, Arizona, when we were producers, hosts, and bird videographers our own PBS TV show, Stokes Birds at Home.

The Violet-crowed Hummingbird is a very unusual hummingbird found mostly south of the U.S. In the U.S., it occurs mainly in a small area consisting of the adjacent corners of southeast Arizona and southwest New Mexico. These hummingbirds are casual to central California and Texas. Male and female look alike and have a violet-blue crown, white throat, and red bill with a black tip. In this country, not many nests have been found, but when they are located, the nests are in Sycamore trees and placed on branches 20 to 40 feet above the ground.

We had so much fun taking video of birds for our TV show. It was wonderful to watch birds for an extended period of time and witness their fascinating behaviors, something that does not occur when one is out to quickly list a bird and move on (not that that's not fun in its own way.) Now our fun is sharing this with you.


  1. That is such a cute video! Love the subtitles and the music too.

  2. It IS a fun little video!! Thanks for sharing. Wouldn't I love to add this little sweetheart to my lifelist!

  3. ...loved it! The music is perfect...