Monday, November 7, 2011

The Sea Gull's Gulp

Posted by Kathie Brown

Herring Gull with Starfish in Gloucester, MA 10-23-11

Who knew a gull could gulp so much
who knew what to say,

Watching while a sea gull gulped
a starfish down that day

I saw the spiny starfish
in the sea gull's yellow beak

He tossed and turned it 'round and 'round
and never made a peep!

And when it was positioned right
he opened wide his gape,
then Gulp! he got that starfish down
before it could escape!

~Kathie Adams Brown (November 2, 2011)

Birding is fun because so often we get to see things that we never would have if we were not out watching birds. While gulls are commonly seen along the coast and even inland, often in parking lots and around garbage dumps I still find them fun to watch and amusing in their antics. When my friend Kathryn and I recently visited Gloucester, Massachusetts we were surprise to see this Herring Gull with a starfish in its beak and even more surprised as we watched it swallow the thing whole! We were both amazed. As I was pondering what to post for this month's article the poem above just came to me and I thought it would be a fun thing that adults and kids would both like. So...I hope you enjoy the photos and the poem and next time you see a sea gull on the beach, I hope it makes you smile... because Birding really is Fun in more ways than one!

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  1. very nice Kathie. I love watching gulls as well.

  2. hehehe...cute poem! That's something I would have liked to seen...

  3. Charming poem Kathie and very cool action sequence of photos. Love it!

  4. Great poem- and funny I just saw a gull do the same thing a couple weeks ago! I nearly started gagging myself just watching it.

  5. Dan, though common, they are also comical and fun to watch and obviously all over the east coast! Thanks!

    Mia, thank you!

    Kelly, thanks. Hang out at the beach and you may someday!

    Robert, I was hoping you would like this!

    Jen, LOL!!!!

    Dawn, thanks!

  6. Delightful post, Kathie!! And excellent pictures to illustrate your poem. Or, is the poem illustrating the pictures? I really enjoyed it. ~karen