Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Carol of the Birds

Posted by Kelly Riccetti (Red and the Peanut)

Wishing everyone a Christmas filled with love, peace and joy.

The Carol of the Birds
(a traditional Catalonian Carol)

When rose the eastern star, the birds came from a-far,
in that full night of glory.
With one melodious voice they sweetly did rejoice
and sang the wonderous story,
sang, praising God on high, enthroned above the sky,
and his fair mother, Mary.

The eagle left his lair, came winging through the air,
his message loud arising.
And to his joyous cry the sparrow made reply,
his answer sweetly voicing.
"Overcome are death and strife, this night is born new life,"
the robin sang rejoicing.
When rose the eastern star, the birds came from a-far.


  1. Beautiful card!! Your work is just amazing. Merry Christmas! ~karen

  2. Beautiful - thanks! And here's the music of the Carol of the Birds to go with it, from BirdNote & Nancy Rumbel:

  3. ...thanks, Karen, Eileen and Ellen! :-)