Friday, December 16, 2011

This Week's Best in Bird Blogging #11

Lesser Goldfinch - regulars at my feeders!
From the BiF! Contributors:

* Pat Bumstead worked hard to get this juvenile accipter identification nailed down!
* Don't miss any of Mia McPherson's posts or Scott Simmons' posts or Laurence Butler's posts or Chris Petrak's posts or Jim Braswell's posts from this last week!
* Take a birding stroll with Kathie Brown
* Steve Creek had great photos this week and my favorite is a Double-dipping GBH
* Jeremy Medina shares a warning about potential danger to AZ's Least Grebes
* I really enjoyed the variety of birds at Dan Huber's feeder!
* I'm with Kelly Riccetti, Bobolinks are awesome!
* Greg Gillson has an uncommonly nice image of a common bird at bath time!
* Perpetuating the mystery about the source of babies and Christmas presents, Lillian Stokes has a Santa Stork!
* Ken Schneider sure saw some sweet birds in the Texas panhandle.
* John Robinson has tips on learning to the greatest skills in birding.
* Linda Rockwell shares more of her highlights from the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival

More of This Week's Best in Bird Blogging:

* Sharon Stiteler has a serious and seriously funny post at 10000 Birds about "When Feeding Birds Runs Amuck"
* I really liked this post from Ron Dudley about Catch Lights in Bird Photography.
* John Vanderpoel's Big Year has been exciting to follow!
* Rich Ditch from AZ is another one of my favorite bird photographers.

Even invasive plants have their pretty moments. Phragmites seen "while I was birding"


  1. Great work Robert, thanks for bringing it all together.

  2. Hi Robert,
    Thanx for bringing all the good posts in one. It's fun. I wish you could do it more often.Happy birding