Friday, December 2, 2011

This Week's Best in Bird Blogging #9

White-faced Ibis at Farmington Bay, Utah.  
Can Utah residents pick out the landmark in the background?
From the BiF! Contributors:

* Laurence Butler: Wednesday's with Audubon & Autumn Staples (nice Ring-necked Duck close-ups!)
* Donald the Birder: Cooled down it has...
* Ken Schneider: White-eyed Towhee and Green-eyed Lynx
* Lillian Stokes: it was all good this week at Stokes Birding Blog. See for yourself!
* Greg Gillson shared everything from a successful Brambling chase to wing diagrams at Pacific NW Birder
* Kelly Riccetti posted a book review and some awesome Bonaparte's Gull paintings.
* Rob Ripma was interviewed about birding for a news article.
* Dan Huber had great posts all week too. I especially liked the Snow Bunting and Sanderling photos.
* Rob Fergus successfully chased a pink-footed goose and is now on his way to New Zealand. Lucky!
* Kathie Brown went In Search of Sandhills Cranes and got some lovely photos.
* Steve Creek shares A Different Kind of Snow in Oklahoma, a Mugging, and a Frost-covered Owl.
* Scott Simmons had a fantastic series helping us learn Heron and Egret i.d.'s with stellar photography.
* Jeremy Medina's classroom Show and Tell was extra special. See why!
* Mia McPherson posted more fabulous bird photography. Don't miss a single post!
* Pat Bumstead's BirdCanada sure has had some nice guest blog posts the last couple weeks.

More of This Week's Best in Bird Blogging:

* Snowy Owl Mania: Tails of Birding, I used to hate birds., and The Nemesis Bird among many others!
Alex Vargas bird photography rocks! So does Jill Wussow's.
* Nice Little Owls at Owls about that then!
* Old Woman Chicken by Nate Swick
* Landscaped Nesting by Jim Braswell
* Three Phoebe Day by Rich Ditch

Awesome new follow-worthy bird blog: i heart florida birds by Tammy

Some other Must-Follow Birding Blogs with nice posts this week:

ABA Blog - Don't you already follow every post! You'll see posts from there now and then related to the ABA Bird of the Year. Check out the cool auction items...amazing stuff!
* I always enjoy the witty flavor of Seagull Steve's Bourbon, Bastards, and Birds
* Rick Wright's Birding New Jersey and the World.
* Jim McCormac's Ohio Birds and Biodiversity
* Greg Miller Birding

Great-tailed Grackle - Farmington Bay, Utah
Perched on the luggage rack of a duck hunter's SUV. I liked the high fashion pose and feather iridescence  revealed by a brief moment of sunshine.


  1. There's some great stuff here; it's such an honor to be included with the others.

  2. Solid work again compiling all of these great birding resources, thanks for your hard work Robert.

    Does that Grackle have only 1 leg or is that the picture? I've see amputee Grackles pretty often, but it still calls for a double-take.

  3. Robert, excellent shots of the white-faced ibises. Love the fashion shot of the grackle too! I hope I can find time to visit some of those blogs. thanks for including me on the list!