Monday, December 26, 2011

TogetherGreen Fellowship: Audubon & Toyota

Posted by John C. Robinson

Earlier this year, I was honored to receive a 2012 TogetherGreen Fellowship from the National Audubon Society. Supported by a conservation alliance between Audubon and Toyota, the TogetherGreen Fellowship offers specialized training in conservation planning and execution, the chance to work and share best practices with gifted conservation professionals, and assistance with project outreach and evaluation. Each Fellow receives a grant from Toyota that can be applied towards a community-focused project to engage local residents in conserving land, water and energy, and contributing to greater environmental health. I will be utilizing my TogetherGreen Fellowship to continue my quest to share my knowledge and love of nature and birds with inner city youth. I plan to do this by creating an environmental “Starter Kit” that will include, among other items, my book, Birding For Everyone.
I will also be working closely with Audubon Centers and leverage connections with other conservation organizations and agencies to expand awareness and effectiveness of this program. Our goal is to reach many thousands (if not up to one million) homes with my environmental message that birding is for everyone! To sum it up, this TogetherGreen Fellowship is an honor to receive and will enable the development of tools, and gathering of resources needed to help prepare our future environmental stewards.

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