Saturday, December 10, 2011

This Week's Best in Bird Blogging #10

Birdseed Christmas Ornaments
Add another DIY (Do-it-yourself) Project to the Mortensen Family Backyard Birding List. Jessica found a recipe for this online and we had fun with the kids making them with cookie cutters. Now with a festive red Christmas ribbon, they are tied up in the backyard tree for the birds to eat and enjoy.
In BiF! news, five new awesome monthly contributors have joined the team: Rich Steel, Chris Petrak, Jim Braswell, Julie Gidwitz, and Linda Rockwell. Click on their names to see their awesome blogs and you'll see that they'll be fantastic additions to the BiF! team. I had planned to wait another couple of months before inviting more authors, but I'm far too compulsive for that. A handful of other invitations are pending, so stay tuned.

This Week's Best in Bird Blogging from the BiF! Contributors:

* Dan Huber always has great posts. My favorite this week was his close-ups of the Ruddy Turnstones.
* Greg Gillson shares a Goldfinch and a Grebe.
* Lillian Stokes had a Ruffed Grouse in her tree eating crabapples and she wonders about where the Gray Catbirds are.
* Laurence Butler got some great close-ups of his lifer Lark Sparrow.
* Rob Ripma weighs in on the Snowy Owl Irruption of 2011.
* Kelly Riccetti delves into the summer photo archive and pulls out some sweet shots of an Eastern Meadowlark.
* Pat Bumstead is like the birding fun coordinator for Canada!
* Mia McPherson has another Rough-legged Hawk! Impossible to have enough!
* Kathie Brown is a saint helping her family through sundry trials and still manages to sneak in some birding and nature photography.
* Steve Creek also has wonderful posts every day, but my favorite this week was the Eastern Bluebird.
* Scott Simmons is a great bird photography online mentor!

Gotta run! I'm playing clarinet in an orchestra for a special Christmas musical performance tomorrow night!

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