Saturday, February 13, 2010

Avimor Bird Walk & GBBC Report

This morning we held our 2nd Annual Great Backyard Bird Count event at Avimor.  Eight adults and four children enjoyed 12 species.  (Photos below by Tom Hickey)

Highlights included: The nesting Great Horned Owl is always a delight to show to others.  A female Downy Woodpecker put on a show in a tree nearby which gave the group great views.

At the end of the walk we found an American Kestrel near the nest box I had put up.  It was a handsome male and had a mouse in its talons.

As a group we loaded our sightings into the GBBC website and I demonstrated the wonders of eBird.  We also had a little seminar on how to use binoculars and basic birding identification skills.  It was really a fun group of people who all seemed really engaged in birding!

Remember, we still have through Monday for the GBBC!  I am going to take all my eBird records from yesterday through Monday and enter them.

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