Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quick Update!

Momma Great Horned Owl is sitting on eggs in the nest the Swainson's Hawks built last year in the tree just north of the Avimor Entry Tower!  Not as easy to see and photograph as last year's Great Horned Owl nest, but still pretty convenient for monitoring.  I invite people to come and see her and ask that you approach no closer than the sidewalk and bridge so as not to overly agitate her.

Another cool observation from this morning...down in the canyon between Avimor and Shadow Valley Golf Course there has been an abandoned Red-tailed Hawk nest in a large cottonwood for the last three years.  This morning I saw that a Magpie had built a stick roof over it and was sitting right outside of it.  We have been noting a lot of Magpie activity with nests recently.  Kestrels also appear to be pairing up.

Fun stuff!

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