Friday, February 12, 2010

Birders Put Their Money Where the Birds Are

The possibility of charging fees to picnickers and birders on Idaho Fish and Game managed lands has now left the committee and the bill will be introduced. (see The Spokesman-Review article here)

 From recent discussions on this blog and on IBLE, it seems apparent that most birders are willing to put their money where the birds are.  There remains a general concern however that the monies garnered by the fees and agency proposed would not go directly toward acquiring, enhancing, maintaining, and preserving habitat, but used for other less important items.

Speaking for myself...perhaps more birders would be supportive of such a "conservation license" if we had certainty about the conservation end uses of the new revenue.  We may find a bird's white-wash fascinating, but we don't want to be "green-washed" with a clever name on a new tax that doesn't support our passion.

We birders are a generous lot and already contribute toward conservation efforts both public and private.  We are likely willing to donate more, but let's do it right!

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