Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bird House & Habitat

I would like to welcome and thank the newest sponsor of the Avimor Birding Blog. 


If you are in the Boise area and at all interested in bird watching, you've got to stop by Bird House & Habitat.  It is a delightful store with a friendly knowledgeable staff.  They sell everything you need to support your birding addiction.  I particularly like their variety of bird feeders and hangers.  They also sell premium bird seed. I am currently testing out their Treasure Valley blend made specifically for birds in the greater Boise area.  Get this... not a shell in the bag!  Sunflower chips, hulled millet, and even nyger mixed in.  No waste.  No mess.  Awesome premium wild bird food.  I'll be blogging about that more later.

Learn more about Bird House & Habitat at their website and please drop in at the store!

12598 W. Fairview Street Suite 101
Boise, ID 83713
Telephone: 208.375.8051

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  1. I was in Boise last month-sorry I didn't know about the store at that time.