Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quick Note

The first Killdeer of the year at Avimor was heard tonight while I was burning tumbleweeds.  So just today, that makes for four species recorded for the first time this year and three first of year birds for me in general.

Also, while pulling tumbleweeds out of the drainage swell behind my home we uncovered dozens of mice.  The Kestrels are smart.  They knew fire would drive mice out and they came darting over to look for a quick meal.  The only thing saving the mice tonight from being dinner were the dozen or so neighbor kids running between watching the mice scurry about and throwing weeds into the fire.

1 comment:

  1. Avimor, how wonderful to notice these returning birds! I will have to get out and see what I can see in Sycamore Canyon! Of course, I am always keeping track of what comes to my yard, but so far nothing new for this year since the robin made its appearance last month. I had a couple of starlings stop by this morning which is discouraging because I fear they will take over the purple martin's nest holes in the nearby saguaros. What will my summer be like without purple martins singing overhead?