Saturday, October 1, 2011

"Birding is Fun" is now even more FUN!

Feeding peanuts to my backyard Western Scrub-jays is one way in which birding is fun for me!

When in the course of bird-blogging events it becomes necessary for one blogger to strengthen the bonds which have connected him with many others, a decent respect to mankind requires they he should declare the causes which impel him to greater unification.  We hold these truths to be self-evident, that not all birding blogs are created equal, but there are some endowed with greatness and should be shared with more and more people in our mutual pursuit of birds, life, and happiness.

Yep! That's right.  "Birding is Fun!" is now joining forces with some of the best of the birding blogosphere...the best birders, the best bird photographers, and the pithiest and most engaging bird and nature bloggers.  All for your viewing and perusing pleasure with loads of emphasis on the fun of birding.

Check out the list of monthly contributors...Aren't they spectacular?!  I'm already looking forward to what they will share here.  A couple of other big-name birders have agreed to also contribute occasional guests posts including Greg Miller, Clay Taylor of Swarovski Optik, and Alvaro Jaramillo.  Special thanks to Tim Avery of for his expert assistance in helping me create the cool little pop-out profiles of the contributors!

Please join me in welcoming the new "Birding is Fun!" contributors.  Feel free to leave them lots of comments, compliments, and occasional good-natured heckles.

Happy Birding and Bird Blogging!

- Robert

A bird as common to me as a Black-billed Magpie is often taken for granted.  Then I remember that many of my readers are in the east coast or in parts of the world that don't have Magpies like this.  So let me rub it in your noses that I get to see birds as cool as this every single day. Happy birding!!!


  1. What a phenomenal image. WOW!! No, we don't have magpies here on the east coast. I would love to see one someday!

  2. @Corey - Thanks so much for your post on about this new endeavor!

    @KaHolly - Thanks for checking into Birding is Fun and for commenting!

  3. Congrats and good luck everyone! What a great list of contributors!I look forward to everyone's posts! Great job Robert!

  4. Robert, so glad to be on board and yes, I miss magpies! great shot! I love the light coming through its wings!

  5. Great gang, Robert. Thiw will be FUN..but I guess that is evident!