Saturday, October 8, 2011

This Week's Best in Bird Blogging

At work this week we started our own version of "The Biggest Loser".  The health insurance provider even gave us fancy little pedometers to track how many steps we take each day.  The only bad part is that I keep losing my pedometer.  Ya see... my love handle rubs against it and it pops right off my belt.  Hmmm...the clip on the pedometer must not be big enough. That's gotta be it.
What says Utah more than the State bird - California Gull and the headquarters of FranklinCovey?  Okay...besides Mormons, world famous snow skiing, the Osmonds, Green Jello Salad, and Funeral Potatoes.  There is also world class birding in Utah...just check out a few of the posts below.
Anyway, here are links to some of the great posts this week on the individual blogs of the "Birding is Fun!" contributors.  Check 'em out!

Rosyfinch Ramblings - Slogging through the Everglades
Kathie's Birds - Song or Lincoln's Sparrow?
Stokes Birding Blog - Lincoln's Sparrows are migrating!
NaturalVisions Blog - Fall in Fish Lake National Forest
Red and the Peanut - Yellow Warblers and Black-and-White Warblers
Pacific NW Birder - Black Bullet [Merlin]
AZ BirdBrain - On the Bright Side
Nature Observances - Just Passerine Through
BirdTog - Northern Mockingbird
On the Wing Photography - Sanderlings and Whimbrels
Donald the Birder - The Life Bird Rule and A Two-billed Caspian Tern
Nutty Birder - A First for Eagle Creek Park
Bird Canada - Itty Bitty Downies
Wild in Idaho - Travels with an Old Man

Some of my other favorite birding blog posts this week that had either wonderful photography, clever writing, or both:

The Nemesis Bird - Eastern Screech Owl, Northern Wheatear, and Henslow's Sparrow
Feathered Photography - Preening American Kestrel and Burrowing Owls of Antelope Island
10000Birds - Introducing the Africa Birding Beat
This Birding Life podcast - Interview with David Frankel, director of "The Big Year" movie.
Julie Zickefoose - discusses Paw-Paws and worthless paws - I don't know why it interests me, but it does!
Birdchick Podcast #68 - Even mentions Birding is Fun!
Speed Birding - Ferruginous Hawks in Idaho
One Jackdaw Birding - Palm Warlbers
Wildlife Photographic Journals - Corn Bunting
Outdoor Photography - Great Blue Heron
BirdingBlogs - Alex Vargas' posts have been great!


  1. Thanks for bringing all of this great stuff together! there's always something new and fun to see here; I appreciate your hard work.

  2. is awesome, so many interesting articles are here