Friday, October 7, 2011

Why Birding is Fun!

Posted by Kathie Brown of Kathie's Birds

Acorn Woodpecker, Madera Canyon 1-13-2010

I did not set out to become a birder. I did not even know I was one until a few years ago. I don’t even remember where I first heard the term, “birder.” I just know that I am one now. I am a person who goes out on purpose to watch birds. Why do I do this? Because Birding is Fun.

Birding takes me places I would never have seen in my life, like Madera Canyon in Southeast Arizona, where I was able to see my first Acorn Woodpecker. These comical birds with their clownish faces bring a smile to my face and I know that Birding is Fun.

Birding brings nature to my door, like all the birds that show up at my bird feeders. And since my bird feeders move with me, I have seen Costa’s hummingbirds in Arizona…

… and Field Sparrows in Massachusetts.

Gray squirrel in Andover, MA
As we all know, bird feeders can attract more than just the birds, and while chipmunks and squirrels are common animals to see at our feeders…

Lesser Long-nosed Bat Tucson, AZ September 2008

I was totally surprised when the nectar feeding bats showed up at my hummingbird feeders when I lived in Sycamore Canyon in Tucson, AZ. Now, how much fun is THAT!
Susan, Lynne, Kathi, and Mary of The Flock at New River Birding and Nature Festival 2009
Birding is Fun because I get to meet so many amazing people also. I first started blogging in July of 2007. From there I began eBirding. My blogging led to meeting other birders and bloggers.

New River Birding and Nature Festival Cranberry Glades Trip 2009
Jeff Fine, Matt Malin, Dawn Fine (left to right) on South Beach, Chatham, MA September 2011

My eBirding led to an obsession with listing. I now count birds everywhere I go, including the local grocery store or restaurant. I count birds in airports or at doctor’s offices. That’s what’s so great about birding. The birds are everywhere.
Cooper's Hawk in my yard in Sycamore Canyon, Corona de Tucson, AZ 11-14-2008
Juvenile Cooper's Hawk in my yard in Andover, MA 5-4-2011

I have had raptors show up in my yards…
Bald Eagle over the Kennebec River, Norridgewock, ME 12-25-10

...and seen a Bald Eagle on Christmas when visiting family in Maine.
Northern Jacana, Casa Grande, AZ 2-3-2007

On Super Bowl Sunday in 2007, on our way to watch the game with our son, I had Gus stop by a golf course in Casa Grande, AZ so we could see the Northern Jacana hanging out there! 
Because we have lived all over the United States, I have had the opportunity to see all kinds of birds from all kinds of places. 

Birds also come in a rainbow of colors:
Blue Grosbeak 6-1-2010 Sycamore Canyon, Corona de Tucson, AZ
Green Heron 6-29-09 Colchester, CT
Yellow Warbler  5-13-2011 Skowhegan, Maine
Orange Oriole (Baltimore) 5-13-2011 Skowhegan, Maine
Red Cardinal 2-18-2011 Andover, Massachusetts
White Egret 9-28-2009 Maricopa, AZ
Black Phoebe 1-4-2010 Sweetwater Wetlands, Tucson, AZ
Brown Canyon Towhee 3-29-2007 Tucson, AZ
Gray Hawk 6-12-2009 Rio Rico, AZ

Birds bring joy to my life and nature to my door. I think that Birding will always be fun for me, because it seems to touch the core of my being. I cannot imagine a world without birds. Birds inspire me to write poetry and paint. They add another level to any walk or hike I take. Birds make my life multidimensional. Whenever there are birds around, I am never bored. I hope that maybe you, too, will discover that Birding is Fun.


Note: You can read more of my birding adventures at Kathie's Birds or read about the three years I lived and birded in southeast Arizona at Sycamore Canyon. If you like nature poetry and art, then check out Kathie's Poet Tree. I hope to see you there! Until then, keep reading about Birding here on the Birding is Fun blog where you can learn all kinds of things about birding and read a whole flock of bird bloggers' stories! By the time you are done, you will know Birding is Fun!


  1. Wonderful post and photos Kathie. Love the bat capture!.


  2. Hi there - that top picture is wonderful. I've moved away from woodpeckers of any kind - not a single one in Australia - and I miss them. Saw an Acorn W'pecker on a trip to the States - what a great bird.

    Thanks for putting this post up.

    Stewart M - Australia

  3. @Kathi - wonderful post! You really captured by photo and prose the wonder of birds and birding. So glad to have you contributing to "Birding is Fun!"

    Thanks also to all the wonderful people kind enough to leave such nice comments on our posts!!!

  4. Great post and photos Kathie, hope you inspire others.

  5. Awesome photos! I want to go birding right now after reading this!

  6. Howdee Kathie~Great post! You have captured the essence of why Birding is FUN.. :)

  7. Kathie, great post! And I love all your birds and photos. Now you have me wishing I was ging to Arizona. You are right, birding is fun!

  8. Great post, Kathie! Your joy and excitement are felt in each word.

  9. Loved the post, Kathie! You definitely know how to show birding is fun! :-)

  10. Hi Katie...I enjoyed every bit of it ...birding is fun...The photo's are just fabulous!!
    Thanks for sharing your memories !! : }


  11. Kathie you are an inspiration. Birding is fun! Plus you help out with the ebird counts. I love to see what you see and go along on your birding adventures. Plus, I'm just a little jealous of the great photos of birds you get. And even a bat or squirrel once in a while.

  12. Great post, Kathie! I give you all the credit for my enjoyment in birding! I look forward to our next adventure!

  13. Lovely post Kathie. I agree with you 100%. Birding is fun because you can do it anywhere, on your own or with friends.

  14. KaHolly, Dan, Stewart, Dawn, Eileen, Lynne, Kelly, Grammie G, Gaelyn, and Katnell, thank you all for following me over here and stopping by to read my post and comment! I greatly appreciate the encouragement!

    Stewart, I can't imagine a world without woodpeckers!

    Lawrence, thank you for stopping by!

    Robert, thank you for all your encouragement!

    Lilian and don Stokes, I appriciate the comment. I hope it inspires others also.

    Jeremy, lets go! You are in my old stomping grounds! How I would love to visit Sweetwater Wetlands again!

    Katnell, can't wait 'til you get here! Then we'll see how much fun birding is together again!

  15. Fantastic post, awesome pictures, Kathie. You inspire I guess not just me but all of us birders to record our sightings on eBird, and to count -I have not yet gotten to that point yet, but will try in the future.

  16. One word to describe this post is: SPECTACULAR.

    Kathie, your words are always perfect.

    Your photographs tell how you are a gifted artist.

    And, thanks for posting a photo of me - the first Flocker in West Virginia. :D