Friday, October 28, 2011

This week's Best in Bird Blogging

Downy Woodpecker workin' for its lunch - photo by Robert Mortensen
This foray into the multi-author blogging world at the beginning of October had me as nervous as a Gadwall during duck-hunting season, yet as excited as a male Song Sparrow during mating season. I wondered, "Is the birding-blogosphere already saturated with multi-author blogs?" There are so many online choices to steal away our attention, but I figured that just maybe there was still enough room for one more central location where one could find excellent quality bird-blogging. I have just been delighted with the quality of posts that this team has delivered this month...wonderful and engaging writing and fabulous bird photography.

My basic criteria for inviting folks to the BiF! team was simple...did I like following their blog? and does the blogger consistently convey that "Birding is Fun!"? Yes, there are dozens of other great bird blogs out there that I also enjoy following, but many of you are already writing for other multi-author blogs. If you are ready to ditch those big bullies, you can come on over to join our team ;-)

I express my profound gratitude to the BiF! Contributors.  You guys are awesome!  Thank you dear readers for continually coming back to "Birding is Fun!" and sharing our joy of birds and birding.  Thanks to all of you who share our posts in the various social network venues!  Because of you, earlier this week BiF! broke into the FatBirder Top 50 and the Nature Blog Network "Birds" Top 10.  

"Birding is Fun!" will only get better from here, so please stay tuned!

From the BiF! Contributors:

Dan Huber - Bluebird at the Barn
Greg Gillson - Golden-crowned Kinglet
Greg Miller - Who's the Best Birder in the World?
Kathy Brown - Brown Creeper
Kelly Riccetti - Owl Close-ups (a couple posts)
Ken Schneider - Our Local Eagles Have Landed
Kimberly Kaufman - Banding Together for the Good of the Birds
Lillian Stokes - Top 10 Reasons there are no birds at your feeders
Laurence Butler - A Time for Reflection
Mia McPherson - Turd Birds; errr...I mean Sage Thrashers
Pat Bumstead - Hmm. Uhh. Wha?
Rob Fergus - 20 Bird Minimum Daily Requirement
Rob Ripma - A few minutes with a LeConte's Sparrow
Scott Simmons - Blue-winged Teal and Common Yellowthroat
Steve Creek - A Belted Kingfisher on a Foggy Day

Other Bird Blogs I enjoyed and tweeted this week:

Alex Vargas - Blue-throated Bee-eater...a colorful sacrifice
David Sibley - Does technology make birders lazy?
Greg Neise - Do they get it?
J. Drew Lanham - Birding while Black -- Does it really matter?
Nate Swick - Variegated Moss-plucker
Phil Brown - Yellow-billed Cuckoo
Ron Dudley - Strange Encounter with a Northern Harrier and a Junco
Sharon Stiteler - Birdchick Podcasts
Tim Avery - Sea Ducks

Red-tailed Hawk among the wispy clouds - photo by Robert Mortensen


  1. Thanks for listing a couple of my posts! And the others you listed are fantastic.

  2. Nice Downy shot - we get these at our feeders all the time in Michigan. This post makes me want to start feeding them again and snapping shots.