Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Well Balanced Diet of Birding

Do you ever get stuck in the same routine of birding?  I know I do.  Fall is a great time to add something new to your usual type of birding.  From watching birds in your backyard over a cup of coffee to chasing local rarities, there are many ways to enjoy birds.  Trying something new can add to the excitement of birding and can even make you a better birder.  Here are a few ways to make sure you're getting a well-balanced diet of birding:
  • Join The Big Sit this weekend
  • Add a new feeder to your backyard and join Project FeederWatch
  • Try bare-naked birding (birding without binoculars or a field guide)
  • Attend or lead a local bird club or Audubon field trip
  • Try birding a new location
  • Visit a hawk watch 
  • Join a Christmas Bird Count
  • Introduce a friend to birding 
  • Attend a birding festival
  • Try bird photography
  • Do a Big Day with friends
  • Set a new listing goal
  • Record bird sounds with a digital voice recorder
  • Buy a scope for viewing distant shorebirds 
  • Go on a pelagic birding trip
How will you be birding this weekend?


  1. Great post. It is always great to shake things up a bit and do things differently

  2. Jeremy, I may not wait to till the weekend and go out this afternoon! It's a great time of year here in Tucson! Good advice for all! Will you be doing the Bit Sit?

    1. Hi Kathie, I didn't do the Big Sit since I wasn't feeling well. But next year we'll have to set something up for Tucson!

  3. Wonderful post, Jeremy! You offered great suggestions. Happy birding!