Monday, October 22, 2012

Evening Grosbeak Sightings

Birding North America virtually - by following the reports from fellow birders online - we've excitedly noted apparent irruptions in Red-breasted Nuthatches and Pine Siskins. Most recently, I've been seeing increased reports in the ABA Bird of the Year, the Evening Grosbeak. Whenever I have a hunch about a trend, or notice things anecdotally, I like to confirm my suspicions with a look at eBird sighting data contributor by birders like you and me.

As we look at the eBird sightings data since January 2012 until today, it seems like Evening Grosbeak range was the greatest in May and now again in October. If this truly is an irruption year for the Evening Grosbeak, we may see them even more and further south throughout the winter.

eBird maps
eBird - Frequency chart
eBird - Abundance Chart


  1. Nice post Robert, always interesting to see trends from the reports.

  2. Well, I hope some make it down to my house! I see there have been a few sightings in AZ! Good Job Robert!