Monday, October 29, 2012

Gifts from the Sky

Hawkwatching is winding down across North America as the last migrants are moving through.  As I was out in the yard getting ready for the approach of Sandy this week, I kept my eye to the sky, hoping for a Golden Eagle, or perhaps some other migrating raptor to add to my yard list.  A couple of Sharp-shinned Hawks and a Cooper's Hawk went over, but mostly all I saw were these:

Migrating Turkey Vultures, Hunterdon County, NJ (27 Oct 2012)

Then looking up, I was excited to see this atmospheric gift from the sky:

Circumzenithal arc, Hunterdon County, NJ (27 Oct 2012)
The sun was too far down in the trees to see if there were any Sky Dogs to the side of the sun, but there was a faint tangent arc above the sun.  Very cool.

Now as the winds from approaching Hurricane Sandy are picking up, I wonder what other gifts from the sky might be on their way.  And I'm reminded that Hurricane was one of the creative gods or forces of the Mayan Creation story in the Popol Vuh.  Powerful and destructive, but an important player in the creation of our world.  

Hurricane approaches.  Hopefully bearing Sooty Terns, frigatebirds, and other tropical gifts.

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  1. Beautiful Circumzenithal Arc! Wishing you safety during this powerful storm.