Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Red-necked Grebe

A fellow Idaho birder reported a Red-necked Grebe at a nearby park pond. Having only seen this bird twice before and never having seen it in Idaho, I had to go a'chasin'! This opportunity provided me my first soul satisfying view of this cool looking grebe. It was cool watching it bathe and preen. It would also dive for extended periods of time. I observed it eating it's own feathers. Reading about this at AllAboutBirds explains why.

I was able to digiscope several images using my Swarovski Optik ATX 85mm scope and my iPhone 4S. Enjoy the slideshow!

A couple of the better images...

eBird Sightings Map for Red-necked Grebe


  1. What a cool sighting Robert! I've seen them at at Red Rock Lakes NWR during the nesting season with young but I couldn't get close enough to get quality images of them. Maybe next year I will set up a blind and that location and wait until they come closer.

  2. Wow Robert! What a treat! I am amazed at the photos you got by digiscoping with your cell phone! wow! Wow! WOW!

  3. Fabulous slideshow, Robert! Your images show grebe behavior so very well. Congratulations on the sighting.