Monday, October 29, 2012

Birding's Power Couples

Halloween often comes with parties wherein couples are requested to come in costume representing famous couples. My wife and I have been invited to such a party. For whatever strange reason, the associative thought process led me to think about celebrity couples in the birding world.

There seem to be several power couples in the birding world wherein both partners in the relationship seem to have prominence and influence for their incredible contributions to our unique community. Sometimes their influence is because they are a couple, and others have prominence as individuals, and some may have come together as a result of their individual accomplishments within birding. is proud to have the better halves of two of birding's power couples on the team. Images have been gratuitously gleaned from the interwebs.
Kimberly and Kenn Kaufman
Lillian and Don Stokes
I was about to do a write-up on why I consider each couple a birding power couple, but if you don't already know...Google it!...or click on the links provided.

Other birding power couples that come to mind include and in no particular order:
Julie Zickefoose & Bill Thompson III
Liz DeLuna & Jeffrey Gordon
Sheri Williamson & Tom Wood
 Louise ZemaitisMichael O'Brien
Sharon & Non-Birding-Bill Stiteler
Michael & Diane Porter
I'm sure there are many birding power couples at local levels with regional prominence and influence. My exposure has been mostly limited to North America, so there may be international couples that I just don't know of. Do you know of others?


  1. Here: not birding really, but ornithology. Roswitha and Wolfgang Wiltschko. Two German bird migration scientists. They regularly publish as "Wiltschko & Wiltschko" or as "Wiltschko & Wiltschko" ;-)

    Wiltschko & Wiltschko