Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Feathers

Here in the Midwest, the fall season brings many changes. Cooler, more comfortable temperatures arrive delivering crisp, clear, refreshing air. Brilliant golds, burgundies, umbers and reds replace the lush green leaves of summer. Autumn also gives us a chance to view beautiful birds on their migration south to warmer climates. Many trees and bushes shimmer with colorful feeding warblers. As we transition into the fall season, there is still much activity and brightness to view.

A busy Wilson's Warbler seeks sustenance amid the tree leaves

A beautiful Cape May Warbler blends in well with the golden pine needles 
Delectable seeds galore for this handsome White-crowned Sparrow
A tiny Golden-crowned Kinglet with its head aglow
An Orange-crowned Warbler carefully extracts tasty seeds
Stunning Magnolia Warblers are commonly seen during fall migration
A lovely autumn sight ~ Hermit Thrush
Foraging amid colorful fall leaves ~ Northern Parula
A bounty of berries for this striking White-throated Sparrow
A floating seed lands upon the head of an active Ruby-crowned Kinglet
A pretty Chestnut-sided Warbler searches for insects at Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary in Chicago
Settled in oh so comfortably for a delicious meal of seeds ~ White-crowned Sparrow
Posted by Julie Gidwitz 


  1. Estupendas capturas de estas pequeñas avecillas.Saludos

  2. Stunning shots Julie--as always. It looks like you're getting proper autumn now over there, and the birds know it and show it too (it's going to be 102 in Phoenix today : / ).

    It's cool to see both the departing summer birds and the arriving fall birds mixing it up together. For these few weeks everything and everywhere seems to be bustling with birdies.

  3. What a nice mix of birds, Julie! I love the photo of the white-crowned on the fluffy seed heads. It's so perfectly "fall."

  4. Julie, your images are the poetry of autumn. Fantastic!

  5. Great pictures of different birds, Julie, compliments.

  6. Julie, you have a wonderful variety of birds! Great shots! Makes me envious.

  7. Lovely birds and photos, Julie! The warblers are so pretty, great shots!

  8. Julie, I truly enjoyed your magnificent photos! It is wonderful how you have captured these beautiful birds enjoying their favorite things!

  9. wonderful photos and beautiful birds Julie.

  10. Gorgeous photos, Julie. What a terrific, varied collection and great fall colours.

  11. Beautiful images Julie, great post!

  12. Love the images Julie. Wonderful post, as always!

  13. Wonderful post Julie, awesome photos